the Pole’s Card

Are you a foreigner who wants to apply for the Pole’s Card? Do you think that the Pole’s Card might be useful for your children or grandchildren?

The Pole’s Card is an important document that not only has symbolic meaning but also one that enables foreigners to work or start an unpaid university course without separate permission.

Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what conditions you must meet to obtain it or whether you have the right documents. A lot of people also get nervous at the thought of the interview with the consul and questions they will have to answer.

We are ready to answer all your questions and help in completing the application. We will help you prepare for the meeting with the consul so it becomes an important event rather than a stressful examination.

If you want to know more about the Pole’s Card and the rights it gives you, click here.

How can we help?

- We will be glad to answer all your questions and offer the help you need throughout the whole process.

- If you can’t speak Polish, we will help with everything involving the use of the language, e.g., translate documents for you, explain regulations and every stage of the process, help you write an official letter or fill in documents.

- We will help collect and verify necessary documents to make the process go swiftly and easily.

- We will assist in contacting offices; if your presence is not required, we can visit the office for you, so you can focus on matters more important to you.

- We will monitor the process and take action, if need be, to ensure everything goes quickly and smoothly.

- We will represent you before the appellate body or in court, if necessary and if you haven’t used our services at an earlier stage of the process.

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